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Self healing in narrow terms would be strictly using your internal natural abilities to heal but in the broader sense would be using internal abilities plus both conventional and alternative therapies.

From my perspective they are as follows.

Physical:diet, lifestyle, home remedies and folk cures.

Spiritual and Mental: tools for healing based upon energy and mind work. An overview can be found on page Theater of Life .

In general, alternative medicine makes much better use of the natural tools and is more affordable. The spectrum of alternative medical arts range from ancient systems such as Acupuncture, Ayurveda and Yoga to the younger Chiropractic, Homeopathic Remedies, as well as, many less known arts. Most of these arts were founded long before the advent of our technology so their cures are usually simpler, based in nature and less offensive to the body. You also have a body of non medical but very useful practices such as altered states, dreams, home remedies, folk medicine, energy and prayer healing. Hidden in these arts are many simple common sense techniques you can use to improve your health and speed your healing plus in some cases heal what technology could not. There is also an opportunity to grow mentally and spiritually from your experience. The more you participate in your wellness the more you will take away from the experience.

Preventing Illness

So far I have been disappointed by what I have read regarding the new healthcare "preventive" approach since it is simply early testing not preventing.

Because Western Medicine is aimed at treating symptoms it is reactive. The older systems discovered long ago most fires, in the early phase, can be put out with a large glass of water. These systems are much better at preventing illness and disease, this alone is reason to investigate further.

Knowledge is the key to discover new doors which lead to a better place. Knowing how you function enables you to accomplish healing well beyond the understanding of people in general. Hope then comes from feeling empowered and expecting to improve.

There is an almost unlimited amount of resources available for healing but first you must understand how things work, or you will wander lost in a sea of misunderstandings. A map, a chart or the right understanding, so to speak, can lead you quickly to the resources best matched to your needs which can produce the quickest healing. Discovering the right tools will make a dramatic difference in your healing process. Consistently using the right tools based in expectations of better experiences will produce the self help self healing experience.

Many years ago an oriental healer told me the following story.

According to him his country had at one time a healing model much like ours where they dispensed harsh chemicals and even did surgery. Also, like our model you paid the doctor when you were sick, and he restored your health but in time medicine became so expensive the people rebelled and went to the leaders demanding a better way. Out of this time a new medical model evolved. The core idea was that you would pay the doctor when you were well and not pay them when you became sick. In this way their only incentive was to keep you alive and healthy as long as possible. In time the model developed into 5 levels.

The first level was the herbalist. You told him your situation, and he would suggest natural cures based upon herbs, food and lifestyle. If this was not successful you went to the next level.

The second level was the chemist. You told him your situation, and he would create combinations of elements much stronger than herbs and foods to deal with your health issues.

The third level, in terms of respect, was the veterinary doctor. His respect came from the fact he knew the first two levels but he was curing a client that could not tell him his problems so his ability to diagnose had to be much better than the previous healers.

The fourth level was the acupuncturist because he knew all the previous arts but also comprehended the invisible nature of man.

The final level was the Sage and it was believed he alone could cure you one time for all time. He could do this because he knew the other arts but he also understood your relationship to the Universe or your Creator.

When no Sage is available you must discover your own tools and do what you can to maintain or recover your health. When the time is right the Sage or his wisdom will appear. 

Below you will find an interesting video on chi energy. The most important part is at the very end when he shows how the energy can be made to effect physical reality.




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