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Allergies are the body's reaction or over reaction to something generally from the environment. This could be anything from dust, mold, grass and temperature to something imagined. While there can be many causes of allergies general relief can come through several simple low cost approaches. If you have strong allergic reactions or anaphylaxis consult a professional to work out a corrective program.

First the chemical approach, you can find many plant extracts, tinctures and homeopathic remedies that can bring relief or prevent the reaction. The Cayce Readings stated that about 70% of the common allergies were caused by Ragweed. You can obtain a Ragweed tincture from Heritage House or you could chew the Ragweed leaf, last, you could take the herb. Taking the herb internally works because the digestive tissue is more adaptable tougher in that sense and reacts less but at the same time reduces the body's normal reaction to a level making it seem non-existent. Another commonly available extract blend is for Poison Ivy. It is usually drops you take with water. I did this as a child to prevent my reacting to this plant and it worked quite well. Also in this class would be homeopathic remedies except they work by a mechanism not fully understood but still respected as effective and inexpensive. In the art of homeopathy what would cause a problem homeopathically prepared will heal the problem sort of a law of reversals. Plus, the process involves cutting or reducing the amount to a hundredth or in some cases a thousandth of the original ingredient thus making it extremely safe. You can learn more about homeopathic remedies here. The secret to homeopathic remedies is you must match the exact cause. If you are reacting to mold it will not help you to take the grass allergy preparation. It will not hurt you but you will be wasting time and money. That said it typically cost $7.00-10.00 per bottle and there are blends covering multiple causes so for a small amount you can try several different blends to isolate the one that gives you relief. I have friends who use this to prevent common allergic reactions and they find it an inexpensive way to live free of their allergic reactions.

One of the concepts mentioned in the Cayce Readings was an in-coordination between the spinal system and the sympathetic nervous system. If you have difficulty using the above methods or you want a more permanent release consider the following balancing program. A simple two pronged approach would be to take Atomidine or Formula 636 and get either spinal adjustments or massages at the same time to stimulate those centers. Again both the Atomidine and the 636 are available from Heritage Store at a price below $20.00 and obtaining 2-3 adjustments or massages puts your total cost for most areas less than $150.00 spread out over about a month. This is a fraction of the cost of one battery of allergy tests. If this is out of reach consider taking one of the balancing compounds and getting just one adjustment or massage to see if you get relief. If this is your approach I would start the compound several days ahead of the physical work so the glands and nerve centers can be into the balancing phase ahead of the physical work.

Another approach, not for all people, but still effective is to daily stop what you are doing then consciously open your mind to the Universe seeing yourself in harmony with nature and allowing yourself to feel at peace. Then open your heart system by seeing a light growing in your upper chest. Then see the light shinning forth flooding whatever you are reacting to regardless of what it is. By placing yourself in harmony with nature and the thing you react to you are sending a clear message to the Unconscious to correct the needed internal processes to exist in harmony with this item. This is the more mystical approach but it is a no cost solution and works well with no downside.

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