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Many years ago I traveled to Virginia Beach to attend a workshop. While there I visited the A.R.E. site where all the Edgar Cayce Readings are maintained.  I spent several days reading his material and I was deeply impressed by the nature and apparent accuracy of the readings.  In the end I could not organize his system into anything that I could fully understand or share but I came away with many gems which I now share with you.

The readings looked at each person first from the three points of intake, assimilation and elimination.  

Intake Assimilation and elimination

If the reading did not find balance in any of these areas then it looked into the area or organs that were deficient and the organs connected to that function.  Then the reading looked deeper into that organ or process until it identified the cause. Once the primary focus of the disharmony was identified it personalized a cure or process based upon the individual beliefs and things from the environment.  In my opinion you can work with the process up to the point of personalizing it but that step requires inner knowledge that most people do not have.  However, even without a complete model to use there are many useful ideas that can be of help in the search for health.

Atomidine, first aid in a bottle.  The readings said a spiritualized body only needed water, salt, soda and iodine and from these basic components it could transmute all the materials it need for health.  They went on to say that our bodies have over time developed in such a way that they were not properly absorbing iodine.  The readings laid out a complex process to make an iodine product that would be readily absorbed by the body.  The product was called Atomidine produced today by the Heritage Store in Virginia Beach. You can find a link to the store in my Product Reviews page. Originally, it was suggested as a mouth wash to numb the gums, to be used as a topical disinfectant and to be ingested, under the guidance of a qualified physician, as a powerful endocrine stimulant.  The readings saw the body as created or formed under the control of the endocrine glands.   Iodine in the form of kelp, in a mild way, and Atomidine in a much stronger way would through the chemical pathways cause a balancing of these glands. Atomidine was not recommended for every severe illness.  The process was for someone to take one drop in a glass of water 30 minutes prior to eating on day one then go to two drops on day two three drops on day three etc for up to five days then break for a week then if needed repeat the process. This process uses stages of stimulation followed by a relaxed state, drops going up over 5 days then rest for 5 days. This is necessary in chronic cases because the body has accepted the distorted health as normal and needs a little shock back to healthy to create the new conditions. It has forgotten the ideal healthy state. However, since this is a mild shock to the system it needs a rest period to rebalance then, if needed, another period of stimulation followed by rest.

Cycles of healing

I did try this once as a preventive tune up but on the second day after taking two drops my thyroid swelled up significantly so I stopped there. Going past that point would have risked my health and that was the opposite of my goal.  In a few days my thyroid was back to normal size. Recently when I have felt the need for a tune up I would put one drop in a glass of cool water then either pour off some of the water, to reduce the amount of iodine, or just drink the water.  People with allergic reactions to iodine must not use it.  Keep in mind the readings were done many years ago.  Diets have changed and iodine is clearly more available in the food spectrum today. Ideally, using iodine to balance these glands should only be done under the watchful eye of a qualified physician.  However, Atomidine, used as a rinse, is excellent for tooth and gum problems, for throat irritations (to be gargled not swallowed), as well as, a powerful topical disinfectant (for minor cuts but I have also added it to bath water to treat a severe skin reaction).  An alternative would be the product called 636 or 637 ( also available through the Heritage Store) because it is taken after each meal in cycles much like the Atomidine. It contains a small amount of iodine along with other ingredients to give you more energy. It should not be used with any other iodine product as the combination could over stimulate your endocrine system. I have used it to restore healthy function to my stomach and intestines. In theory balancing the chakra's, the energy vortexes that feed the endocrines, would be doing the same thing from the mental side but to be effective you would need some experience and skill.

Many years ago I had a severe eye infection so I put warm water in clean sink then put 10 drops on Atomidine in the water.  I then put a clean wash cloth in the sink and let it soak up the water.  I twisted it and rang out the water then laid down closed my eyes and laid the warm moist wash cloth over my eyes.  I did this each morning and evening for three days and my eye infection was gone.  I was careful to keep the wash cloth moist and not wet and to keep the water from the cloth out of my eye.  

One of my sons had a unique problem when he was younger.  His eye teeth were forming from the tooth buds up in his palette but they were not moving forward as they should.  The oral surgeon proposed surgery which was a scary thought to me so I went to a friend of mine who does an Edgar Cayce style trance reading and requested a health reading. The reading said if he was given a mineral supplement with kelp in it and he would take vitamin C this would correct itself.  The reading said the kelp would gently balance the endocrine glands and along with the additional minerals and C restore healthy conditions in his body.  He took the supplements and this, as predicted, corrected itself naturally.   Neither kelp nor Atomidine are cure alls but they have value in certain cases.  Many people believe the herb Licorice is another gentle way of balancing the endocrines.

I believe the spiritualized body is identical to the Huna concept of being free of guilt.  In Huna it was thought the unconscious was like a hidden genie capable of amazing things if fully utilized.  However, most people through guilt or feeling unworthy have closed off or shut down the genie.  I think the readings were saying if you could get free of guilt, low self esteem and shame your ability to transmute food and to heal would be much greater than normal.

I have used Atomidine many times over the years for many conditions and I can say it has more uses than I could list here.  The only place I have found it to be ineffective is with Large Intestine issues such as diarrhea.  I think that is because it may be absorbed or altered too quickly to be effective in these issue.

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