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Healing Burns

Burns can be painful, as well as, a potential infection. I would clean it as much as possible by pouring hydrogen peroxide or clean water over it before doing anything. I would be very careful to not disturb the tissue. I have found Aloe Vera to be excellent for minor burns. You can get both the liquid and the gel at most health food stores, many grocery stores and some pharmacies. I like the Georges Aloe because it is triple distilled and resembles spring water but other brands will work. If the burn is painful you can use a sunburn gel with Aloe Vera and Lidocaine available at most pharmacies. If it were my challenge I would also take higher levels of vitamins C (Ester if possible) & E (natural d-alpha with mixed tocopherols) plus A (Beta Carotene). These will promote healing from within and prevent infection. I would pay attention to the heat levels, sensitivity and surrounding redness. You do not want to put anything on the injury that traps heat so you need to be patient before putting any oil etc on the area. Once the tissue begins to cool and you see new skin you can use a scar massage to reduce the scar tissue. The redness should naturally diminish quickly such as going down some each day if it does not you might try Calendula gel it is excellent for promoting skin health. If this does not work seek medical help. For major or deep burns seek medical help immediately.

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