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Insect Bites

Most insect bites can be treated with any good topical cream.  I like the Calendula products and they seem to work very well. Every now and then I will get a bite that seems more potent than the others and usually causes a definite reddening of the surrounding skin.  I have learned to put a little activated charcoal on a bandage then apply it to the area.  The charcoal will leech the toxins and you will notice the reddening dissipating.  This is for minor insect or spider bites only.  Activated charcoal is available at most health food stores and pharmacies.  Another useful ointment is the combination of Aloe Vera, a natural skin healer, plus Lidocaine and or Menthol.  This is readily available as a sun burn or pain relieving gel or lotion.  If the redness is slow to dissipated I will take additional Vitamin C (Ester C preferred) plus A (Beta Carotene) and E (D-alpha with mixed tocpherols if available).  Bites of an unknown nature that are red, warm, tender or swollen should be seen by a physician quickly.  

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