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Imagine you go to a dinner with a dozen other friends and later half of them quickly get sick.  A few more have minor symptoms and the last few never get sick.  You go to the local mall where you are exposed to everything from the on going flu to chronic life threatening diseases again some get sick while others never show a symptom.  This is typical but for some reason we stay focused on those who get sick not those who remain well or quickly return to health. For this reason most people become programmed or hypnotized into an illness process. Finding your personal tools to turn on your body's self defense self healing mechanisms enables you join the group that is immune to the virus bacteria challenge.

Below I have listed many of the ideas I have used over the years. If any of them suit your beliefs use them to recover your health and well being.  

The most effective and fastest way to heal is to bring you mind, emotions and body into alignment.  In these pages are tools I use and my hope is that you can find a tool or two that can create change for you.  Remember even small change is great because a process repeated over time becomes more powerful much like a snowball rolling down a hill.  Empower yourself and create the change you need to have a healthy complete life.  
Below you will find a few ideas to help you on your way.

If you are healthy but have a family history or early signs of organ weakness (chronic infections or weakness in the same area) I would do as above but also I would shift my lifestyle and take the appropriate herbs, as well as, food to stimulate the weak system.  
At this point you should only need minor amounts and small reasonable shifts which through time will enable you to alter your future.  Think of a bow, rifle or even a baseball thrown a tiny change in the beginning where the ball leaves the hand or the arrow leaves the bow alters the impact area greatly.  It is also important to shift your beliefs through affirmation, therapy or visualization to see this system strong and invulnerable. When you think of health and freedom from illness you must always see yourself as holding the power. Your thoughts are the blue prints for your body. Change the plans and you can change the outcome.  Do not energize or add to supporting the illness process in any way.  Once you find yourself forgetting to do some mental reprogramming it usually means you have created internal change which should be validated in time in your physical body.

If you are in an illness process I would do the above but with more intensity taking larger amounts of antioxidants and herbs twice a day and shifting my lifestyle as needed to support my healing mode.  I would also be very aggressive in my mental work visualizing several times a day and so forth.  If I was not successful quickly I would get the advice and treatment of a medical doctor who believed he could heal me.

If you are healthy I would still take a good natural based antioxidant rich vitamin and mineral supplement and as you take your supplements say quietly to yourself this is all I need to healthy and free of illness.  It only takes tiny amounts of nutrients to prevent most of the common illnesses.  However, it takes larger amounts to cure them. It is like firefighting most major fires in their beginning could be put out a a cup of water. Because we understand how to grow attractive food you can not tell from the appearance the overall nutrient level.  Supplementation is cheap insurance against a nutrient deficient diet.  The result of long term nutrient deficiencies is organ weakness which will precede illness or organ system failure. Additionally, I have for years believed in a nutrient flush every 24 hours.  Increased bioavailability reduces the energy required by the body to transmute elements to their usable form thus speeding the healing process.  However, it will not impact conditions created through belief structures since that is the bodies building plan.  The beliefs are the plan for the structure and while nutrient availability helps unless you go to the cause you can never go past the chronic need for the nutrients.  Back to nutrients, you simply pick one meal and keep it as natural and clean from caffeine and alcohol as possible plus loaded with all the nutrients you can find.  I chose breakfast to be my nutrient flush.  I will drink natural fruit juices and eat yogurt that has either brewers yeast or one of the super yeasts blended with wheat germ mixed in.  Done properly there is only the taste of yogurt.  This is also the meal in which I will take most of my supplements guaranteeing my body a good flush of nutrients each day.  You might also consider holding the supplements in your hand and saying to yourself this is all I need to be healthy and free of pain.  A final note, I have always healed faster by taking my A (beta-carotene), C (Ester C) and E intake (I prefer natural E, d-alpha with mixed tocpherols).  I would normally take 500mg of Ester C with bioflavinoids, 200 Int. Units of E and 25,000 Units of A.  If I am injured or sick I repeat this twice a day once in the morning and again at night.  I would also take any injury or organ specific nutrient or herb in the same way.

Diet in general is very important because it often determines how much energy you have for healing.  Keep in mind everyone is unique and has their own latent energy level.  So you can have someone who smokes and drinks then out lives their relative who lived an exceptional healthy lifestyle.  However, within everyone's individual nature you can free energy that could be used to speed healing.  Think of having four or five categories of food or in the broader sense intake.  Now think of the items belonging to the most natural or easiest foods to assimilate fruits and vegetables. This group would require the least amount of energy to process thus freeing energy for healing.  Next think of a group that would take more energy such as shrimp, fish and turkey.  I suspect red meat, pork and processed foods (soda, white flour, white sugar and so on) would be the next general group.  Alcohol, most medications and drugs would be the hardest category to assimilate and because they require so much energy there is a much smaller reserve to tap for healing.  Now the more you of the easy to assimilate foods the more energy the body has to heal.  Conversely, the more of the harder to assimilate items you eat the less energy you have to heal.  Also, consider non-chlorinated water because it places less of a burden on the liver.  So any constructive change in your diet will impact your healing ability.

You need to exercise to keep the body in decent shape.  It is a machine designed to rebuild itself better with use.
 Any reasonable level will work but there needs to be some activity that essentially works the body.  High levels of stress make it even more important since the body will need to metabolize chemicals produced during those times.  I suggest starting small or at a low level then safely moving up to where the exercise is more challenging.  If your exercise options are limited consider just comfortable slow deep breathing for 5 or 10 minutes twice a day.  It will amaze you how much energy you can create just breathing deeper and this energy can speed your healing.  Any doubts about your health check with your doctor.  Recently I have been combining several techniques in a power walk.  I go to the local park and walk about a 1 mile course twice as fast as I can comfortably.  While I walk I curl my tongue up to touch the top of my mouth then I visualize.  I start visualizing my heart valves opening and closing solidly functioning very well then I see a small ball of white or gold light moving out through my arteries and veins clearing any blocks and restoring open healthy youthful circulation.  Last, I see one cell knowing it is connected to all the cells in my body and I see it drawing in nutrients then expelling any toxins or unneeded chemicals, I see it functioning perfectly as it should.

You have a daily need for some time in a purely relaxed mode.
 It can be short such as 10 or 15 minutes but the body needs some time to unwind mentally and emotionally.  This must be time when you can detach from all your daily stresses.  It is time you allow the body to unwind and balance itself. Without this period your stresses accumulate in the body as chemicals and at some point will become a stress on an organ system.

You need a regeneration ritual.  Something you do that sends a clear message to your unconscious that you expect healing.  I suggest a meditation and visualization but it can be any process.  Be sure to treat it respectfully if you expect it to work.  I have a few suggestions but it is best if you use your own symbols.  Relax and sit comfortably then take a deep breath and imagine drawing in a white or golden vapor.  As you breathe out the vapor stays in your lungs and begins to move in your blood fixing everything it flows to.  See your arteries clearing your joints becoming stronger and more flexible your organs becoming younger.  After a few minutes just relax.  Any set of symbols or process will work but it needs to be done routinely.

Fasting is an old method of regeneration but it still works well. However, you need to be strong enough and have a lifestyle that will allow it.  There are many methods but I am going to explain it as I know.  When you do not eat your body enters a state where it consumes it own cells for resources.  It starts with the weak or injured cells thus removing them from your body.  Short periods of a day or two are generally safe for anyone.  It can even be done by degrees.  The ideal case is where you eliminate food and drink spring water for 24 or 48 hours.  Then start eating small amounts of vegetables and fruits with your first start up meal after which you can go back to your usual fare.  If you want to fast but you life demands more activity or is very stressful then you could eliminate food but drink fruit and or vegetable juices.  You still get the benefits but you also keep the body supplied with nutrients.  Yet another approach is simply to shift to fruits or vegetables only for 24 or 48 hours.  You will not get the full benefits of the water only approach but you will benefit from avoiding the foods that are harder to assimilate.  Done consistently over time you could achieve clear results.

A simple balancing technique taken from acupuncture would be to curl your tongue up to where it touches the top of the inside of your mouth.  You should only do this when there is good moisture or saliva and your mouth should be closed.  It is a practice done by some while they meditate but can be done while you walk or do any simple activity.  It cause the meridians to balance.  Normally the energy flows through the meridians which are connected at their ends.  If any meridian has a problem just like stepping on a hose the energy becomes blocked and the meridians downstream which feed their respective  organs receive less than they should.  When you curl the tongue you joint the conception and governing meridians and during this time all the systems are feed energy directly which balances your energy flow naturally.  Fifteen  or twenty minutes a day should be enough to maintain good energy balance if you are healthy.  A detailed explanation can be found here

Consider prayer as a resource.  Get into a daily routine of giving thanks for the healing happening in your body.  If you have good health give thanks for that freedom from pain and limitation so you may continue to attract it into your life.

For all the above reasons and more many spas, retreats and getaways have value.

Liver regeneration is unique first because it will regenerate so well and fast but also because unlike most other conditions you need to reduce the supplements and be careful of your intake.  The liver has the role of reprocessing the compounds in the blood sort of a filter but also fixing and rebuilding so many different compounds (proteins, enzymes etc.) that supplements can slow down or stop the regeneration.  If I needed to regenerate my liver I would consider the following. Sleep depletes (weakens) the liver and mild or safe levels of exercise stimulate (strengthen) it.  Herbs such as milk thistle have been used for years to protect and promote liver healing.   Vitamin C, Beta Carotene and E are beneficial but must be taken in moderate amounts so as not to overload or worsen the condition.  Another supplement worth considering would be a good grade of desiccated liver.  Adjustments to the spine in that area, massage and Epsom salt baths would also help.  Lemon juice and water would have be helpful because it mildly stimulates the liver to detoxify.  Acupuncture would clearly be one of my choices if this were my challenge because of their ability to move energy into the Liver.  If this is a life threatening condition it would be preferred to find a qualified physician, herbalist, naturopath or acupuncturist to help and guide you.

Create your own medicine.   Many years ago when I had no money to share with  others I used to teach my ideas at small local churches as my tithe to the Creator.  During one of the classes I would ask all those present to get a glass of water then hold it in their hands.  I would then ask them to in a respectful way to imagine energy coming down from above charging the water with whatever energy they needed to completely heal.  After several minutes of them charging their water I would ask them to drink it completely.  The degree of improvement varied greatly between the people but occasionally someone would go deep into their inner self and the act of charging the water then drinking it would bring about a dramatic healing.  This should be done respectfully and unnoticed by others.  This is not a substitute for your chemical medicine.  However, use the process and as you heal your doctor should be able to document your progress and reduce your chemical dependency.

If after doing any new regeneration or healing practice you remember the experience of an old injury or illness it generally means the unconscious is responding to you (so it did realize what you were doing) but the message is the old memory has more power so it is telling you it is now stopping work on your healing.  You can ignore the message and continue on which is sort of a brute force approach which you may or may not win.  If you elect to use this approach put more power in whatever you are doing, so to speak, do it more passionately.  You can stop your attempt at healing in which case you go nowhere.  Or, last you could add to your routine reviewing your memory but now seeing it as you have liked to experience it.  Just simply go back to a few moments before anything occurred then see it in a better way than would allow you to be healthy at this time.  Do it with feeling expecting your health to improve now immediately then pay attention as you get better. You could think of it as re-writing your history or maybe just making a point with the Unconscious.  Either way unless you are engaged with a rebellious Unconscious you will make progress and see your condition improve.

Additionally along with my usual routine:

If I am healing my stomach or esophagus I drink small quantities of George's Aloe Vera juice mixed with water or fruit juice.  The juice is good for healing that tissue.

If I am healing joints I take 4-5 Cell Guard a day (4 hours after eating then wait 1 hour to eat or drink anything except water) for a couple of days plus Flax Seed Oil or Fish Oil and a good mineral or blended Calcium tablet (citrate preferred).

If I am healing nervous tissue I take B complex plus Gotu Kola.

If I am stressed beyond normal I take Valerian Root (only at night after all other things are finished-more than a capsule or two can cause sleep) or the homeopathic Calmes Forte (I take however many I feel I need -it is the safest relaxer I know and has no side effects).

If I am increasing my physical endurance I take B15.

If I have an injury or pain from over exertion I take Arnica tablets (a Homeopathic) or rub Arnica gel on the painful area. I like the 30C, 100C or 200C and I find it stops most if not all pain.  I take 2 tablets under my tongue and if I still feel any pain I repeat it in about 15 minutes.

It is important to remember the goal is to get well.  If you are being treated by a doctor who can only promise you a life of prescriptions go see a doctor from another art and take a look at his treatment process.  Conversely, if your alternative doctor is only getting you short term relief check out the internal medicine
approach.   Learn to take the best of each art and in so doing take back the control over your health.

All Rights Reserved Bill Gustafson 2010