Stomach and Intestines

In the more Eastern approach the Stomach and Intestines are thought to be the most physical organ and related to lessons being learned in life. The Digestive System has the unique process of breaking down all the intake and absorbing it into the system. It takes the most physical elements and breaks them down to a place where the body can then unite them with other components to create heat and tissue.

Stress is a large violator of the Stomach because worry creates the stress fight or flight reaction which in turn causes the Stomach to secrete too much acid. Our daily high stress levels seem to trigger this mechanism even though we are seldom truly life threatened. The end result of this is that, over time, our Stomach lining becomes weakened. There are several obvious choices, change the way you process the stress, reduce the stress, take medicine to stop the acid flow or ignore it and meet the consequences later.

To begin you need to understand that in most situations if you stop the stress reaction the Stomach will heal. Taking medicine to prevent the acid is only a short term solution and you are at risk for the many side effects that come with that approach. Even using herbs to relieve stress should be a short term plan so you can get to a place where you can live in some degree of harmony with what you do to live. The herbs used by many are as follows: Skullcap for those who tend to mentally worry allot, Valerian Root to relax your body and help with sleep and Hops or Passion Flower to relax. Related to these would be the homeopathic remedy Calmes Forte and the Bach Flower Rescue Remedy. Calmes is unique in that it relaxes you without tranquilizing you. You can take the recommended amount and you will relax but if for some unplanned reason you needed to go do something requiring concentration and focus you can easily do it because you are not slowed down in any way. The Rescue Remedy is a liquid that can be added to water, tea, juice just about anything and it has the unique ability to help you see the most positive things in your mind. It keeps you mentally upright even when the world is upside down. Also, American Saffron tea is excellent for restoring healthy digestive function.

To heal the esophagus, the muscular tube, connecting the Stomach and the pharynx (back of the mouth), as well as, the Stomach tissue take small amounts of Aloe Vera juice. George's Aloe Vera juice from Warren Labs is ideal since the triple distillation process leaves the juice tasting like spring water yet still retains the healing qualities of the Aloe Vera plant. You simply mix small quantities (2-6 tablespoons) with juice, tea or water and drink it several times a day. The Aloe Vera juice will naturally promote healing in that tissue.

Gently rubbing the lymphatic reflex points will also promote healing but needs to be done consistently to be most effective. in other words twice a day briefly is better than once done hard. If these points are out they will be tender so just use as much pressure as you can comfortably.


The Small and Large Intestine are our built in chemical factories finishing what the early processes have started namely to break down the intake into usable materials. However, they handle a large amount of diverse materials and can easily be weakened or disrupted. Constipation, runny bowel movements, diarrhea, nausea, fever, and pain often accompany these disruptions. In mild situations yogurt with active cultures can restore normal function. Eating it several times a day would be a good start. Acidophilus is a next step up in strength and is available from most health food stores. Taken two to three times a day it will should relieve most symptoms. Gently massaging the lymphatic reflexes will also help promote normal function. Seek medical help if the condition does not respond quickly to your healing methods.



Another area of consideration would be to detoxify the intestines. A simple way to do this is to clean up your diet and introduce a large amount of apples into your food regime they will move things out of your intestines naturally. Or, you could consider any of the Colon Cleansing products out in the market place. Done properly this can be a very beneficial health tool. Be careful about becoming dependent upon laxatives to maintain regularity. Strive to achieve a healthy state where you diet, life style and levels of activity promote normal excretion.

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