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Teeth and Gums

Tooth and gum pain can have several sources.  First, tooth decay simply stated is bacteria eating into the tooth and are irritating the nerve. Gums can also have various infections causing pain. Temporary relief can be achieved by packing Goldseal against that area or rinsing the mouth with salt water, also, a few drops of Atomidine in a small amount of water. Goldseal is considered to be one of natures antibiotics and has anti-inflamatory properties, however, I doubt the taste is very appealing.  If you elect to use Atomidine be sure to rinse the mouth allowing the Atomidine to soak into the area then spit out the remaining portion.  Due not swallow the Atomidine.  Atomidine is an iodine product processed to be more available to the body.  If you are sensitive to or allergic to iodine do not use Atomidine. It is excellent to stop infections and pain when used topically (on the skin but not near any sensitive areas, eyes, ears etc.) but it is too concentrated to be swallowed unless under the direction of a qualified professional or in very small quantities.  I use one to three drops in 2-3 tablespoons of water.  If you believe you are prone to cavities you might consider using two different toothpastes, one in the morning and a different one for the evening.  this keeps the bacteria from having a constant environment. Also, many of the toothpastes come with anti-bacterial qualities such as Oxyfresh, Tea Tree Oil, Goldseal and so forth.  You may want to experiment to see if this helps you reduce cavities.  I have had my best results  in healing my gums and preventing cavities using a Peelu toothpaste but it contains small amount of Tea Tree Oil as a preservative.  

Recently I started using Ipsab a mild product you massage into the gums.  According to the Cayce readings it would improve circulation and promote healing in the gums.  It is primarily the herb Prickly Ash Bark which was used by the Native American Indians to heal the gums. As I have gotten older and passed through stressful times I noticed my gums were beginning to recede. It is a minor problem now but I can feel the difference in my teeth from using Ipsab.  My goal is to combine this with visualizing to see if I can stop or reverse the gum recession.  However, if I had gum problems I would give this a try since it is a cheap cure and should heal that tissue from most conditions assuming there is no other over riding cause involved. I received a call from someone close to me who told me their cat had a growth coming out of the gum and expanding to where it was now blocking the mouth and preventing eating and drinking. I did my absent healing process and had a strong impression that Ipsab would help the cat reduce the growth. They had taken the cat to a local animal hospital where a biopsy was preformed. A few days later they took the cat to a local animal surgeon. The biopsy showed a granular noncancerous growth. I mailed them a bottle of Ipsab which they applied directly to the growth and surrounding gum. I was told they only had to use it several times to see a reduction in the growth size. Within three weeks the growth was down to the place the cat was eating and drinking normally and still going down. After more than a year the cat's mouth is normal and there has not been any further applications of IPSAB.

Pain can also come from the holographic nature of acupuncture meridians inside the mouth, as well as, stress working on the TMJ (jaw joint).  If one of your acupuncture meridians becomes challenged that corresponding area in your mouth will hurt until some degree of balance is restored.  If you are extremely stressed you may be causing your temporomandibular joint to flex beyond normal use.  This often irritates the associated nerves and causes pain which is often felt in the jaw-gum-teeth.  A common sign of this is grinding your teeth at night. To relieve the TMJ problem you either need to relax deeply routinely or learn to process your stress in a better way.  Skullcap is a good herb for people who tend to worry and Valerian is used to relax you.  However, start low with a capsule or two a day or get guidance from a local herbalist.  Do not take large quantities of Valerian because it will put you to sleep and or make you drowsy.  For obvious reasons it is best to take Valerian just before bedtime.  While the herbs take the edge off you need to develop a strategy to get your life to a place where you can find peace in joy in little things and not experience stress which manifests in your body in an unhealthy way. Some people use a mouthpiece to prevent the nighttime grinding but this should be considered a short term approach while you search for a better long term solution.

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